Fri, May 31 – Teachers Toolbox @ Pilatesology

Dena's Teachers Toolbox at Pilatesology - May 31

Dena is returning from her 3-day workshop at Proper Pilates in Australia—just in time for her Teachers Toolbox at Pilatesology Studio!

You asked for it… so the topic is: “The Foot-Derriere Connection, Part II”

Using your feet correctly can take your Pilates workout to uncharted depths.


May 16 ~ 19 – Dena in Australia

Dena in Australia

May 16 ~ 19, 2019​

Deeper into Contrology at Proper Pilates, Australia

Price: $950

Dena will join Wade Edwell for a 3-day immersion of workshops, private lessons and more in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia!