I teach private and group lessons in West L.A., and long-distance lessons via Skype.

2076 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Private Lessons

55 minute one-on-one lesson exploring all the Classical Pilates equipment.

Joyful Pilates Group Class

This is a self directed class with minimal instruction/maximum joyful support by Dena Joy. In order to get the most out of this class you must already know your exercise order and have taken enough private classes to feel confident in your ability to do your own workout.

Skype Lessons

Online private lessons. For more info, and to BOOK, go here >>


1 Private
5 Private
10 Private
1 Joyful Pilates


"Dena was my first contact in Vintage Pilates when I decided to venture to Los Angeles to study with Jay Grimes. Always happy, kind and ready to help. She surprises you with an extraordinary intuition and such a precise and effective look that after a session with her you might understand what for years you been trying to get. I’m not exaggerating! Simple and unpretentious, she dares you to do your best at all times. Dena will leave her mark in all the people that works with her, just like she did it with me."

Fernando Sadir

Owner, Coach Pilates, Brazil

" I have had the incredible luck of working with Dena now for nearly four years. It is a rare thing indeed that you find someone who can offer so much——the ability to drive you; offer teaching that is so accurately applied to your body and needs, and from a place that is true to the history of Pilates’ work; and at the same time heal, enrich, and boost you with her insatiable and unique spirit. It is difficult to put into words the significance of the training experience with Dena. She is a mix of all the best things that a teacher can be: caring, deeply knowledgeable, motivating, and able to reach anyone. When you begin with her you get a sense of this power in the way she drives you to move, and move well. Along the way you then begin to notice the smaller details that only the rarest of powerful teachers offer. The perfect cue at the perfect time, the subtle touch to somewhere that instantly makes you understand where you need to work from, and as you advance and face things about yourself you want to shift, the safety of a nurturing and supportive connection and environment in which to actualize yourself without fear and judgement. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Dena has a spirit that transcends the training connection. She is a teacher, but she is more- someone who is able to use the best of the Pilates system to not just train you but to actually help you feel better, connected, elevated. It has been a sincere privilege to have worked with this incredible teacher, and I certainly look forward to continuing to see how she helps me shape a better ‘me’ in the years to come as we continue our work together."

Wade Edwell

Owner, Proper Pilates, Australia

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