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I can teach people who are ready to go to the next level in their Pilates practice, but live far away! Skype lessons are powerful because there are no distractions. We can create connection and world peace one Skype lesson at a time.

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"My Skype lessons with Dena have improved my practice in ways I could not have possibly imagined. When I first started taking Skype lessons I was a bit skeptical about the limitations of only one angle to view the body and the lack of tactile cueing. Neither of those factors detracted from Dena's excellent instruction. She has an eye for even the slightest movements or changes in movement and can 'see' things that I didn't think were even visible. Her ability to describe where she would be applying a tactile cue if she were with me in person is so clear that I can almost 'feel' her spotting me. Dena is one of the most encouraging teachers I have ever worked with; even when I become frustrated she helps me to feel successful and makes it fun. Teaching digitally requires a special kind of attention, patience and skill that Dena has abundantly and I would recommend her Skype sessions to anyone."

Sue Spinelli

Regional Pilates Manager, Equinox

"I so look forward to my Skype classes with Dena becasue I am always challenged physically, and learn something profoundly new. Dena can describe clearly and consistently what she wants me to try. In a Skype class, verbal communication takes the place of hands-on reminders. Dena timely and creatively builds upon a theme, developing it in class and giving me lots of fuel to play with beyond class. "I notice that Dena puts her intention fully on me and that feels valuable, to always have her clever eye, attention, and feedback throughout. "Skype classes are very personal as we share the space of only a screen and this somehow narrows my focus to just Dena and me and the work. That seems to be remarkably rewarding. "Dena will help you find your challenge and your skill, and you will feel successful to keep on growing!"

Sue Lawrence

Pilates Instructor, Mexico

"After my first private with Dena Drotar I knew instantly I wanted to continue training with her via Skype from my own studio in Australia. "Instructing via Skype requires an eye for detail as well as an ability to clearly communicate what is not available through touch, and Dena certainly delivers. Dena is able to pick out the finer details in my movement practice, through the camera, as well as encourage and push me to get the most out of my body in every workout- not an easy thing to accomplish over distance. "Dena’s vivacious personality is the first thing you notice, then from there, her empathy, knowledge and eye for detail will keep you wanting more. Her compassion, caring and spirited personality ensures the sessions are always fun, entertaining and in tune with what I need. I am always left feeling amazing, body and spirit. "Dena is able to draw connections out of my movement with her clear and specific cueing and enthusiastic teaching that just makes you want to work that little bit harder. Her deep understanding of the authentic system as well as how the body moves and connects, ensures every session succeeds for what my body needs on that day."

Trevor Buckingham

Owner, Proper Pilates, Australia

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