I get to be a guide to each teacher as they experience, and learn this deep work through self discovery in their own body.

I LOVE not only the teaching of exercises, but inspiring confidence, clarity and joy in their practice, their teaching and in their lives as well.

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"Dena is able to create a unique environment where each person feels confident and free to explore and ask questions. Dena has the natural ability to create an uplifting environment. In Dena's workshops, get ready to learn, sweat, and discover new things in Pilates, and in yourself, in a deep, spiritual and loving approach."

Gloria Gasperi

Owner, Studio Pilates di Gloria Gasperi, Italy

"Dena is an amazing Pilates instructor and a true gem. I began taking Pilates sessions with Dena in 2014. As a Pilates instructor myself, I was looking for more than just a workout. I was looking to learn more about the original work; knowing that Dena had worked with Jay Grimes at Vintage Pilates for years. From the very first session I got more than I expected. Dena’s keen eye quickly spotted areas I needed to improve on and she made me sweat. She helped me in a supportive and creative way that I never experienced before. With patience and persistence, she assisted me to go deeper into the Pilates work. Working with Dena, for over a year, helped refine my Pilates practice so that I was able to be accepted in the “The Work” program with Jay Grimes. In addition to working with Dena one-on-one I have attend many of her Pilates workshops. I continue to learn much from her and I am always impressed how skillfully she teaches in large group settings. Dena is a clear and supportive communicator. She is a key teacher that helps me become the successful teacher that I am today."

Joel Crosby

Owner, Vitality Method Studio, Duluth, GA

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